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AccuCut Online Rewards Program

This is our way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer.
Get started today with 200 FREE AccuCut Points when you create an account!

What is the AccuCut Rewards Program?

The AccuCut Rewards Program enables you to earn AccuCut Points that can be
redeemed for discount codes for future purchases.

The program is simple and requires no commitment from you. If you
have an online account at you have been automatically
enrolled in the program. If you are not a registered member and wish to enroll
in the Accucut Rewards Program, simply create a customer account.

Can't Wait to Get Started

You're just a few clicks away from your 200 free AccuCut Points.

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Earning AccuCut Points is Easy

Earning points is easy and there is only one rule—you must be logged
into your account to earn and redeem points.

Earn AccuCut Points by Shopping

For every net dollar spent, you will earn one point. For example if the subtotal of your purchase is $264.50 after any discounts, you will earn 264 Rewards Points. You can see your total AccuCut Points by signing in to your account and clicking the AccuCut Rewards floating button at the bottom right corner of your browser window.

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Earn AccuCut Points by Reviewing Products

AccuCut truly values customer feedback, both positive and negative. For every review you submit (up to 20 a month), you will earn 10 AccuCut Points. All reviews are reviewed by the site administrator to ensure there is no offensive content and then posted on the site. Once your review is posted, 10 Rewards Points will be added to your rewards account.

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AccuCut Rewards Program FAQs

Is your Rewards Program worth it?

YES! Our Rewards Program is an awesome way to put money back in your pocket when you shop online at All you need to do is sign into your account to be eligible to receive rewards. Your rewards information is housed in the little purple tab that floats in the bottom right corner.

I just placed an order and I forgot to log in. Can I still get points for the purchase?

We are so sorry but we are unable to retroactively apply points for purchases made when you are not signed into your account. We encourage you to sign in each time you shop online.

How do I redeem AccuCut Points?

Sign in to your account and click on the purple AccuCut Rewards tab to see your current points. Click on "Spend AccuCut Points" and, under the Rewards tab, you will see the discounts you are eligible for. Click on a Redeem button to get a unique code just for you - it will also be sent to your email. You can use this code for your next purchase or keep it for later. It can be redeem for any products on but cannot be redeemed for cash or applied to shipping costs.

Can I use my redeemed rewards and with another offer code on my order?

Our system limits us to only one discount code per order. Please choose which code you would like to use on your order.

I just placed an order and forgot to use my redeemed rewards code. Can you apply that for me?

We apologize but we are unable to retroactively apply AccuCut Points to your transaction. Keep your code as it is good for one year and can be used on your next purchase.

I need to return an item I purchased. Will I lose my points from this purchase?

Yes. Points earned for a purchase that is the subject of a return or cancellation will be deducted from your account in the amount equal to the points earned during the original transaction. If a return will cause your account to have a negative point balance, you will not begin earning points again until your points balance is returned to zero (0), by making purchases. Rewards Discounts will be applied evenly to each line item for returns purposes.

I used some redeemed rewards on an order I am now returning. Will I lose my rewards?

Unfortunately our Rewards Coupon codes are only eligible for a one-time redemption. Returned orders, where Reward Coupons have been applied, may not be credited back any redeemed Rewards. Rewards Discounts will be applied evenly to each line item for returns purposes.

I had Rewards Points in my account on Did I lose any points when the new site launched?

No, you did not lose any points. They were moved from your account to the new Rewards Program. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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