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Folding Techniques

Did you know one die can make many different shapes? See how you can fold the paper first and then make special cuts to expand the possibilities of every AccuCut die you own! Download the Folding Techniques Flier.


Paper Chain

  1. Select a die - a symmetrical design works best.
  2. Place end of long strip of paper on the die, covering entire shape.
  3. Accordion fold paper, so folds are slightly inside of blades on side of shape.
  4. When making last fold, edge of paper should cover blades on side of shape.
  5. Roll through machine with die FOAM SIDE UP.
  6. Unfold resulting chain of shape.

Stand-Up Shapes

  1. Select a die.
  2. Fold paper in half.
  3. Fold sides of paper in opposite direction of first fold, ¼" from first fold.
  4. Place folds at bottom of shape on die, leaving bottom blade uncovered. (This allows shape to remain connected.)
  5. Roll through machine with die FOAM SIDE UP.
  6. Unfold letter or shape, flatten fold at bottom, and glue top edges together.

Eight-Shape Ring

  1. Select a small or mini die.*
  2. Place 8 ½" x 11" paper on table vertically. Fold into 8 ½" x 5 ½ " rectangle.
  3. Fold again into 4 ¼   " x 5 ½ " rectangle with folds on bottom and right.
  4. Bring left bottom center up at an angle until it meets right edge. Fold.
  5. Place paper on die with folded point at bottom of shape. Leave side blades of shape uncovered.
  6. Roll through machine with die FOAM SIDE UP.
  7. Unfold the ring of shapes and flatten.

This fold yields a small eight-sided circle of shapes.
*For larger ring, use bigger paper and large shape.