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About Us

Welcome to AccuCut

More than 20 years ago, in my family kitchen, with nothing more than a rolling pin and steel-rule die, we discovered a revolutionary, quick, easy and fun way to cut shapes for teachers.
- Steve Nabity, CEO

A Message from AccuCut

Since 1990 AccuCut has been producing time-saving die-cutting machines and steel-rule dies for a variety of industries and applications. In many ways, AccuCut is more than a manufacturer and provides an invaluable resource:

In schools, daycare centers, churches and libraries, the machines and dies become an integral part of educating students. Besides saving them valuable time by using our more efficient means to cut out shapes, using hands-on activities helps students become excited about learning and they become active learners. Students become motivated to pay attention in class and comprehension and retention soars. 

Craft retailers create AccuCut die-cutting centers in their stores, using them to attract customers, make their own products for resale, and increase sales of other products. 

Professional stationery designers use AccuCut products to create custom wedding invitations, announcements and other social stationery. Using our products saves them hours of hand cutting and allows them to expand their product lines.

AccuCut’s Custom Shape Pros division builds custom steel-rule dies for commercial or personal use in a variety of applications — printing and packaging, consumer goods, paper and fabric crafts, prototypes and more. You can even cut your own products for retail sale.

Regardless of how you use our products, we want to help you meet your business and personal goals. Make sure you visit our online resources to engage with other customers, share ideas and get inspired. And contact our customer service team for assistance finding the shapes you need or to discuss how you can utilize your AccuCut die-cutting system even more.

Teacher Using MARK 5 Die-Cutting Machine

Contact AccuCut

8843 S 137th Circle
Omaha, NE 68138

Our Brand Promise

We are passionate about creating quality products that cut shapes quickly and efficiently, helping customers find the best products to meet their needs and challenges by being the expert, and delivering solutions that allow people to create their own products and services.

AccuCut LLC

Quality Products that Save You Time

AccuCut LLC

Die-Cutting Experts Ready to Help

AccuCut LLC

Create Your Own Products and Services

Working at AccuCut

Our days move quickly in an environment that fosters open communication, collaboration and respect. And we know how to have fun too!
AccuCut LLC

AccuCut Careers

The biggest difference between AccuCut and the corporate machine is that we don’t believe our own B.S. We are agile and swift in our decision-making processes. There are no meetings to discuss our meetings about other meetings. Bring an idea to the table and within the hour you can be working on making that idea a reality.

Our competitive benefits package combined with an environment that breeds successful professionals is just the tip of the iceberg. We invest in our employees by mentoring and promoting from within. We believe that all of our employees have a voice and we want to hear it. Different views and opinions that bring value are always welcome.

We are always looking for people with positive high energy and a desire to excel in a dynamic, fast-paced creative environment. Join us as we take AccuCut to the cutting edge of our industries!

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