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Inspiring Excellence: A Teacher's Journey with Faviola Evans | Exclusive Interview

Introducing Faviola Evans, an esteemed educator at the Telesis Academy of Science and Math, where she passionately molds young minds in the third grade. With over two decades of teaching experience under her belt, Faviola's journey in education is not just about imparting knowledge but instilling a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Join us as we delve into her teaching philosophy, memorable moments, and the innovative strategies that make her classroom a vibrant hub of inspiration and inclusivity.

Can you share a bit about your background in teaching? How long have you been teaching, and what inspired you to become an educator?

I am at the end of my 21st year of teaching regular education. My kindergarten teacher inspired me to become a teacher with her love and patience.

What do you believe sets your teaching style apart from others? Are there any particular teaching strategies or philosophies you adhere to in your classroom?

I believe making connections to real life situations and creating memorable ways to remember what is taught is what sets me apart from others. My kiddos will always remember that 7x7=49ers, BABY! I strongly believe in modeling strategies, practicing them (individually, with partners, whole group) making connections to their lives to further help understanding.

Could you describe a memorable moment or achievement in your teaching career that you're particularly proud of?

This year, I was nominated Teacher of the Year at my school. That is an honor I will never forget.

Congratulations on being selected as the winner of our contest! How do you envision using AccuCut products in your classroom?

I would LOVE to have a die cut machine in my classroom. I currently have one at home, but have considered getting one to keep at school. I will continue beautifying our school and events with AccuCut creations.

How do you foster a positive and inclusive learning environment in your classroom?

I foster a positive and inclusive learning environment by teaching my students that everybody learns differently, so there is a lot of respect and patience for one another in my classroom. My students are always willing to help one another. They are also very encouraging with one another.

What challenges have you faced as a teacher, and how have you overcome them?

A challenge I have recently faced as a teacher is the lack of accountability among students and parents. Times have definitely changed after Covid. I openly admit when I make mistakes in the classroom and let students know that I made it and learned from it.

In what ways do you incorporate creativity and hands-on activities into your teaching approach?

Allowing students to create a project on their own to show their learning is important to me. Every person is unique and they think in different ways. Using Accucut letters, figures, etc. provides a fun way to express their thoughts.

What advice would you give to aspiring educators who are just starting their teaching journey?

I would advise aspiring educators to continue their journey in the education field. It may be challenging at times, but making a difference in a child’s life is worth it.

How do you stay motivated and inspired in your role as a teacher?

As a teacher, I stay motivated and inspired when I see students’ eyes twinkle when they learn something. I also enjoy their hugs, high-fives, and compliments.

Finally, could you share a story or anecdote that illustrates the impact you've had on your students' lives?

In a couple of weeks, I will be attending a former student’s college graduation celebration. I was her third grade teacher 14 years ago! She has earned her Bachelor’s Degree and invited me to attend her ceremony. For a former student to make the effort to reach out and find me, is an honor.