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Craft Your Way Through Spring: Fun and Colorful Easter Projects for Kids

6 ways to creatively bring Easter and spring time to life 

Easter is quickly approaching and with that comes many chances to get creative with our little ones. It is exciting to look forward to spring and all the life and vibrance that comes with it. Easter is a symbol of this growth and rebirth and it is such a perfect opportunity to sit around the table and get to work with our family Easter projects. One of the best parts of this time of year are the fun pastel colors so purchasing some cardstock for these projects is a good tip. These 6 activities, crafts and projects will be sure to bring your family or classroom together as you celebrate the vibrance of spring! 

1. Easter Bunny Baskets

Every little one gets so incredibly excited for their Easter baskets filled with goodies. So many times I have run to the store at the last minute to grab a plastic bucket that is usually chipped or cracked. This year I want to create a basket that is more personalized and creative. I want to showcase two adorable options of baskets you can make for your students and/or own children. You will need to grab our your MARK 5 Die Cutting Machine you will also need to use the Basket-Bunny #2 Die Cut and the Animal Maker-Rabbit Die Cut. Cut out as many baskets as you will need with the pastel cardstock paper you have gotten for these projects. You can take it a step further by getting a couple extra die cuts to add more decoration like the small  Egg-Easter #3 Die Cut or the small Carrot Die Cut. Fill them with some easter grass and add some candy, toys, bubbles or chalk. I always love to set the baskets outside my kids bedroom door so it is the first thing they see on Easter morning and the squeals and giggles are so worth all of the work you put into making these baskets special. 

2. Friendship Easter Gift

One thing my kids and students love to do is create something special for their best friends. This craft is a great way to make something fun and unique to hold their special Easter or spring themed gift. You will need to use your MARK 5 Die Cutting Machine and the you will also need the Box-Tag Die Cut as well as the small Butterfly #8 Die Cut. Grab out your cardstock and make 2-3 of these boxes for each of the kids that will do this craft with you. For these boxes it could be fun to use some patterned paper and then use pastel cardstock for the butterflies. Help your littles ones assemble the boxes, then they will glue the butterflies to the front. Having them add rhinestones or stickers or even drawing patterns on the butterflies could be a really great opportunity for your children to showcase their creativity. The final step would be to have your kids put in notes, pictures, or little trinkets for the gift and tie a bow with string or ribbon on the top to close the box.  

3. Happy Easter Teacher Gift Boxes

This project is a great way to work together with your own kids to create a special gift for their teachers at school. As an educator myself this time in the school year can be especially exhausting so receiving a little gift at this time is really thoughtful and encouraging. Start by getting out your MARK 5 Die Cutting Machine and the Box-Popcorn Die Cut. Using fun floral patterned paper would be a super cute way to springify this box up. I find this to be a simple and easy way to show appreciation to my daughter's general education teacher, but also her music and art teachers, the school nurse and some of the administrators who help her succeed every day in school. FIlling these boxes with easter grass, candy, gift cards and a special note to share who thankful we are for them is a small thing that goes a long way for these hard working individuals. 

4. Paper Bouquet

This is my personal favorite of all of the projects listed today. The creativity and options are absolutely endless with this. You could make these for neighbors, friends, grandparents, cousins, or you could even make them for each other in your own home. Go ahead and get out your MARK 5 Die Cutting Machine. You will also need the Accordion Fold #3 and the Flowers #23 Die Cut. You should also have colorful paper, buttons, gems or rhinestones available. You will also need some sort of can and flower foam and some sort of paper straw sticks. I have tons of old coffee bean cans, or canned vegetable cans that I clean out to recycle that would be perfect for this activity. Use the accordion fold to help you crease and create the flowers, fold and tape them into a flower shape. You can add some of the flower paper cut outs to add some more creativity to the flowers, glue on a button of gem and then glue to the sticks to back a bouquet. Stick the flowers into the flower foam in the can and pass out these bouquets to anyone you feel needs a little extra spring love. 

5. Candy Carrots

This is the holiday where candy abounds and this is a super cute and fun way to share the sweets. You will want to make sure you have both green and orange cardstock for this craft. You will also want to use your  MARK 5 Die Cutting Machine to cut out the Box-Pyramid #4 Die Cut as well as the  Quilling-1/4" Die Cut. This would be a great little extra gift to give to your own kids or your students to celebrate both spring and Easter. You could also use these candy carrots as gifts for coworkers and family members as a little extra special gift. Cut out your carrots in orange and quilling in green, you are going to curl the green quilling into the ribbons to use for the top that you can glue on once you have assembled the box together. 

6. Easter/Spring Photo Book 

This is an amazing idea that can be built upon year after year. Take out your MARK 5 Die Cutting Machine and you will also need the Rabbit #6 Die Cut. Make sure you also have fun and colorful cardstock to create the front and back of this photo album. You will also need to have either ribbon or string to tie the book together. Start by cutting your front and back pages to the size that looks the way you want it, then place the bunny cut out on it. You will also need to add pages to the inside of the book, depending on the size of the page you will need to add either 2 or 3 hole punches. Once the book is assembled you can add pictures from egg hunts, family gatherings or  special moments from Easter or spring time. It would be so fun to make a new book each year and this collection would be an amazing way to showcase all of the growth and love you have experienced over the years. 

I hope these activities inspire some creativity and fun for you and your families or classrooms. These are all examples of projects that will bring you together around your table and celebrate the new life that comes with this time of the year. 

Written by Amy Pinegar